Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Introduction - de VK4TMZ

de VK4TMZ my name is Mark and I enjoy Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio) and dabbling in with electronic. I've been into SWL since grade 8 back in 1990 when my English / Science  teacher introduced me to the world of radio.  Its taken me nearly 25 years of enjoying SWL and the fact I'd turned 40 yrs old I finally bit the bullet and start of 2017 I got my Foundation Call and the call sign VK4FMAX.   Within 5 months I then rose up the ranks to  my Advanced Call VK4TMZ so 2017 has been the year of the "radio" so to speak for me.

VK4TMZ Advice #0001  -  DO NOT WAIT 25 years to go for your radio license! Hook up with a local radio club and they will help you work you way into radio.

This blog site is a place were I can put some posts about my adventures into this funtastic (fun and fantastic) hobby of Radio (antennas projects, digital mode, software etc), Computers and Electronics.

Hope you enjoy the content I put up, BUT!!! please keep in mind, I'm not responsible for any damage to self or equipment that my occur while following my blogs and attempting to reproduce the activities.